Hey, guys! Welcome to the 6th week of my weekly personal development update!

Unfortunately, this week was my least productive week this year so far, so there won’t be much to tell about.

I went to the gym only once because I injured my leg while playing volleyball with my colleagues. It’s more or less fine now, so it should be back to at least 2 times next week.

I didn’t listen to any audiobooks this week. Instead, I kept watching informative videos about China and other countries from the YouTube channels I mentioned in the previous updates. At least I know more about what’s happening in the world at the moment.

As you might have already seen, I’m writing a bachelor’s thesis, and I’m doing a survey. If you have ever made a purchase in a mobile game, I’d highly appreciate if you could spare a few minutes and complete this survey. And also, share it with your friends! I still need to collect at least 50 responses! 🙂

police swipe hackerOh, and by the way, my friend and I have started developing a new mobile game together. The name of the game we are thinking about is Police Swipe. I’ll tell you more about it later when we are closer to releasing it. Here is one of the images I have drawn for it.

And one last thing – I started learning/revising German and Russian (again). Otherwise, I haven’t used these languages for so long, I’m starting to forget them.

Come to think of it, I have actually done more this week than I thought. I definitely could have done more, which is why I feel so unproductive.

And how was your week? What languages do you know or would like to learn? Let me know in the comments!

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You can find the last week’s update here.

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